Ha-Meem Design Studio

Ha-Meem Design Studio

Ha‐Meem has a resourceful design team lead by experienced designers from home and abroad. They keep pace with the modern trend and arrange seasonal presentation to buyers in USA and Europe. Greater degree of coordination with buyer’s designers are done to achieve market trend. Designers visits fare like PV, Bread and Butter, Tex world etc and regularly browse fashion sight like W.G.S.N, consults magazines, share their views with fabric supplier to develop right product.

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Ha-Meem Design Studio Ha-Meem Design Studio Ha-Meem Design Studio Ha-Meem Design Studio Ha-Meem Design Studio Ha-Meem Design Studio

Sample Section

Sample Section Equipped with 500 machines and capable of making about 800 samples a day, the Sample Section has a variety of modern machineries like auto pattern cutters, Lectra & Garber CAD systems, Fitting mannequins and dedicated Computer base pattern masters for each buyer. Some of the Technical professionals of sample section has international fit certifications from companies like KOHLS, GAP, JC PENNY etc. and are allowed to approve P.P sample share technical solution.

About Us

Ha-Meem Group is a leading supplier of readymade garments and denim fabric in the world. The company produces some of the most fashionable denim fabrics and garment products.

Head Office

Ha-Meem Group
387 (South), Tejgaon Industrial Area
Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh
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