In-house Laboratory

Hameem has well equipped textile laboratory that is capable of doing 45 tests in 127 test methods in mechanical, colorfastness & chemical fields.

As the moisture content of fabrics affects the performance in physical testing, to provide the consistency of test results, specific relative humidity [65±4% RH] and temperature [20±2o C] of the ‘Physical lab’ are maintained strictly. A controlled air conditioning plant with humidifier controls the temperature and relative humidity of ‘Physical lab’.

CWL Lab regularly participate in different Proficiency Testing Program arranged by ASTM, AATCC, Global PT provider and other international PT provider’s as well as different inter-laboratory correlation programs arranged by other third party laboratories to check the accuracy of its testing result. All the equipment of the laboratory is being calibrated every year by ISO/IEC 17025 accredited third party calibration laboratories.